What is PEBA

PEBA is a cross-sectional analysis and verification instrument necessary to raise awareness of the accessibility needs of its customers. It is aimed at managers of the tourist facilities to facilitate the work of their technical offices and  personnel of service, who use it as a business tool to teach them a culture of trasparent accessibility.


What is it

It's a tool for long-term planning and subsequent implementation of interventions aimed at making their tourist facilities safe and accessible for all types of clientiela (disabled, elderly …), while allowing time carrying a developing accessibility transparent  investments over the average 3/5 years. [1]



Village for all – V4A® has already fulfilled PEBA for the following tourist facilities:








[1] It means to implement actions and / or services that have no hospital connotation, but that are able to satisfying the needs of customers, not only in performance but also in key aesthetic and design. A family with small children in strollers has requirements similar to those of the person using a wheelchair for mobility, for example. walkways to the beach is an ideal solution for both needs. If in addition to link the plant to the sea, also develop side, you give good service to all, without creating a beach dedicated only to people with disabilities. Nobody like ghettos. The accessibility is achieved only with proper planning and constant attention to all the elements that compose it, such as remembering to build ramps and not steps and maintain the trails in good efficiency by eliminating the protruding roots, and much more.

Working for accessibility must be a daily modus operandi.