The International Quality Brand V4A® is not an accessibility license, but V4A® notes carefully and accurately all the necessary information to people with special needs to assess whether the structure is fit for your needs; Every tourist, depending on your desires and your needs, will be able to decide which tourist structure suits you. All this information is handled by us on  portal and every structure has pages dedicated in which are all available second disclosure standards consolidated into six languages: Italian, English, German, French, Spanish and Dutch.

To give the V4A® Brand, visit all the facilities with our experts to collect objective data according to established methodology and recognized associations. At the end of the survey is delivered to the company a list of possible improvements of the critical points detected during the audit. This document is provided like reminder to develop and enhance a better accessibility of the structure , according to the method of continuous improvement represented by “PDCA” (plan–do–check–act).

We use an international language: our method allows people, regardless of their nationality, to assess if whether, dimensions and services provided are able to meet their needs, without having to make comparisons with the national rules of architectural barriers removal.

We promote an innovative tourism culture attentive to the needs of tourists, even those not visible, or that are taken for granted, such as the needs of families with young children, the elderly, people with allergies / food allergies, diabetics, obese people with sensory limitations (blind and deaf), disabled (reduced permanent or temporary) and dialysis.